Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grow Your Business with Direct Mail Postcards

How to Start an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Grow Your Business with Direct Mail Postcards

I always find myself walking the fine line between effective use of our marketing budget and what makes sense for our business. It is clearly advisable to generate new business with established customers; and attracting new customers is a must for the growth of our business. Yet it’s a constant balancing act between our marketing campaign and sales volume—and I know it’s a struggle for many small business owners like you.

You need good quality leads to maintain and grow your business at the same time. Generating leads is easy. Generating good quality leads that convert to repeat business is another story. When you’re under pressure to bring in a certain volume of business, it’s easy to spend your marketing budget on the wrong kind of advertising campaign. During our 25 years in business we have tried most of the media, and thus far direct mail marketing has proven to be the number one way to go.

Your business cannot afford to overlook direct mailing as a vital aspect of your marketing campaign. Testing is the key to any successful direct mail initiative. We know this, since we send out about 20,000 mail pieces each month. We sample new markets with small groups of around 500 prospects in at least four to six mailings. Measuring the response rate of sample groups will get us the feedback we need to increase mailings to the best-responding groups, thus turning prospects into repeat customers; by eliminating the least responsive ones, we don’t waste our marketing resources. Testing clears up any assumptions we make prior to the launch of a new campaign. New clients need to come from somewhere, so this sampling is a necessary and important initial step to any marketing campaign.

Many times a small business overlooks the fact that its current customers are its best targets. They know you and your products and services. By periodically offering specials, or mailing money-saving coupons, you are creating a loyal clientele -- which will not only generate repeat business, but often lead to new customer referrals. As a business, you can count on your current client list as the most important part of your direct mail campaign.

From the start, you must be able to identify your target audience; be consistent because, as with any advertising, direct mailing must be repeated several times to be effective. Your mailing list should be as accurate as possible, or you will waste money on materials and postage. That can add up! Clean up your list before you send anything out. Select a reputable mail house that can help you with this as well as delete duplicates and check your list for compliance with postal regulations. By using a USPS authorized mail house like ADG Printing, you will not only save the yearly permit fees, but you will also save up to 40% on postage (not to mention your precious time and energy sticking on labels and stamps!). Ask questions such as: will their addressing system presort, automate, and bar code your mail to get you the best postage rate possible.

We know that, as a small business, you are apprehensive about beginning a mailing campaign. You also have many questions. In partnership with a knowledgeable printer, able to handle your marketing campaign from design to mailing list selection, you will get the best response from your efforts. A professional will walk you through the steps of a successful mailing campaign that will help promote your brand, products, and services. A professionally designed and personalized piece of mail is more likely to be read by the recipients. A bright, colorful, attention-getting image combined with a short statement and a money-saving offer will do more than represent your products and services – it will make sure somebody notices! Your copy should include contact information such as phone number, website address, email, and maybe a simple map. And don’t forget a call to action with clear steps for ordering your products!

Each time you do a direct mailing, learn from it and use what you’ve learned the next time around. The more you test, obtain feedback, and tweak your mailings, the more effective they will be. Direct mail is profitable both in gathering new customers and ensuring repeat business. It is the best way to get information about new products or sales events into the hands of your clients. And that’s the first step toward generating traffic to your business or to your website. Don’t wait, start today!

ADG Printing is in the top 100 USPS Authorized Mailing Houses in WA, we are located in Lynnwood. We received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Awards in Mitsubishi’s nationwide printing competition.

Snohomish Co. Business Journal.

by Eva Miklos,
ADG Printing
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Why Brochures Sell Things Faster?

Color brochures are excellent as sales tools, visual product sheets, pricing guides, and providing quick reference pages as a mini catalog of your product or services. Using brochures in your advertising plan can be an extremely effective tool to communicate what your business is. Take advantage of the space available, keep your text to a minimum. Brochures are your chance to use colors and graphics to attract attention to your messages. Folding them into 2 or 3 panels gives organized information without overwhelming the reader.

The brochures should have a theme from the following:

  • General Information
  • Pricing Guide
  • Product List
  • Mini Catalog
  • Sale Invitation
  • Special Promotion
  • Time Sensitive Offer
  • Announcement

Your Headline should be either your Business Name or a few words of eye catching headline. Then a few lines of smaller text to explain your offer, your contact details and website.

You want your brochure to stand out, so use bright and complementary colors as the background with 6-12 bright photos to enhance colors as accents. Do not use clip does not create a professional image.

Once you have your brochures you can hand them out personally, or leave them with businesses in your area. Use it as a presentation aid at trade shows, or as newspaper inserts.

Enjoy your color brochures and the extra sales and success they will bring you.

Visit ADG Printing to order your custom brochures today!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Putting Energy Into Profits:

Did you know the Federal Government is providing Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency!

When current homeowners make Energy efficient changes to there home, they can receive a tax credit at 30% of the cost, up to $1500, in 2009 & 2010 (for existing homes only). For example, improvements to Windows, Doors, Insulation, Roof, HVAC, Water heaters and more.

What does this mean to business and our economy? These improvements will help propel the economy during this recession. How you might ask. For example, ADG printing started Direct Mailing to businesses that provide Energy star improvements. That way companies may start a Direct Mail Campaign of there own. Reaching past and new prospect customers to inform them about these tax credits. This will provide and increase in business for all. For more information visit Energy Star.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Find eager buyers settling into new homes, they are stable, creditworthy, have above average income, and are ready to buy your products and services. The best time to reach them is immediately after they buy their home.

New homeowners spend an average of 8-10 times more than an established resident over a 2-year period.

• 99% spend money on services, such as a new doctor, beauty salon, dentist, dry cleaner, etc.

• 60% spend money on Furniture/Artwork

• 57% spend money on Window Coverings

• 33% spend money on Bed/Mattress

• 52% spend money on Electronics

• 40% spend money on Kitchen Appliances

• 40% spend money on Other Appliances, such as vacuum, dryer, washer, etc.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Every Order Plants a Tree.

ADG Printing has planted over 5000 trees in Partnership with American Forest. ADG Printing has been dedicated to lessen its ecological impact long before it became fashionable. By streamlining production, introducing 1-TO-1 target marketing to reduce waste, using recycled materials whenever possible, and using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved materials, has made ADG Printing one of the leaders in their commitment to the environment within its industry. Our partnership with American Forest is a further emphasis of this pledge.

Monday, April 27, 2009

This Economy will Create Both Winners and Losers.

No matter what your business is, the sure way to lose your market share is to do nothing, and wait for the economy to improve. You have to be innovative – stand out and market your products or services in a new way. Focus on improving, or even changing your strategy to attain and retain customers.

Consider a direct mail campaign to make your business recession proof. Our mail House is in House. Providing you with the latest in Direct Mail Services. Visit

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ADG Printing Always on the Leading Edge

ADG Printing was established 25 years ago, starting in the basement of the Miklos family home in Edmonds, WA. From there we became one of the first printing companies to offer online ordering. Today ADG is located in Lynnwood, WA in a 10,000 square foot facility with more then 10 employees. Our advances in printing have kept us on the leading edge. The latest weapon in our arsenal is a Canon C7000VP. With the latest in digital printing equipment we A have reduced our turnaround time to 2 Days. We have also introduced 1 to 1 Marketing to broaden the horizon for our customers. Visit ADG printing today for more information and instant pricing.